What is the spring rate in a torsion spring?

Answer The spring rate in a torsion spring is the weight required to compress the spring. The spring rate is typically expressed in units of pounds per inch, i.e., the number of pounds required to compres... Read More »

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Torsion Bar vs. Spring Suspension?

Torsion bar suspensions may seem like outmoded technology, but they're far from extinct. While coil springs long ago came to dominate the automotive market, the simple, cheap and reliable torsion b... Read More »

How to Calculate Spring Constant of a Torsion Bar?

Torsion bar suspensions may be old, but that doesn't make them outdated. Consisting of a simple spring bar running longitudinally in the chassis, attached to the chassis at one end and the suspensi... Read More »

How do I adjust a garage door torsion spring?

Secure the DoorLock the garage door in place by putting a clamp on the track above the roller on the bottom of the door to prevent the door from raising while you work.Lock the Adjustment CollarFin... Read More »

How to Remove the Torsion Spring on a 1991 Nissan?

The front suspension on a 1991 Nissan uses a torsion spring--often called a torsion bar-- to control the up and down motion of the vehicle. This is most commonly found on the '91 Nissan trucks. The... Read More »