How to Do a Lat Spread?

Answer Charles Atlas was a 97-pound weakling, who transformed himself into what many consider the world's most perfectly developed man. He created a dynamic tension program of exercise and bodybuilding th... Read More »

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How is HPV spread?

The HPV, or human papillomavirus, infection is spread in a number of ways. Some forms of the virus can enter your body through skin-to-skin contact if you have a cut or even a small abrasion on you... Read More »

How can rabies be spread?

The rabies virus affects the central nervous system and salivary glands. This virus spreads through contact with infected saliva and is fatal if not treated promptly.TransmissionPeople and animal n... Read More »

How to spread swine flu?

you have to have it in your system in order for you to spread it

How to Get and Spread Pokerus?

Pokérus is an amazing tool to use when training Pokémon. It doubles the EVs, however it is very rare without cheating. Here's how to get and spread Pokérus in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.