What is a Forex spread?

Answer A Forex (foreign exchange) spread is the difference between the price purchasers are willing to pay for a currency (the bid price) and the price sellers charge (the ask price). Most foreign exchang... Read More »

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What is a spread spectrum clock?

Microchips include devices known as oscillators or clocks to produce a synchronized signal. A clock produces high levels of energy in a tight frequency range, creating electromagnetic interference.... Read More »

What Is Gross Spread Ratio?

Gross spread ratio looks at the spread of interest between borrowing and lending. Banks make money by borrowing short-term money from depositors and then using these funds to make long-term loans t... Read More »

What are spread sheets used for?

A spreadsheet is a manual or electronic document with rows and columns that simplify the recording, calculation and organization of numerical and text data.HistoryDan Bricklin and Bob Frankston dev... Read More »

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