How to Spread the Word Using

Answer So you've created something unique... A website, a charity, a blog, a Youtube channel, a funny picture, etc. Now the question is how do you start getting people to see it? Online advertising is usu... Read More »

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Why is HIV (AIDS) not spread by mosquito bite but by using shared needles ?

There are three reasons listed, at the site provided below, why it is impossible for a mosquito to transfer HIV.…“HIV is a virus, and, as we’ve mention... Read More »

How to Copy Content From a Text File to a Spread Sheet Using VBA?

Microsoft Excel macros can help you automate almost any kind of task, increasing your productivity and improving your efficiency. Written in VBA, macros can create, manipulate and remove data withi... Read More »

What is a Forex spread?

A Forex (foreign exchange) spread is the difference between the price purchasers are willing to pay for a currency (the bid price) and the price sellers charge (the ask price). Most foreign exchang... Read More »

What Is Gross Spread Ratio?

Gross spread ratio looks at the spread of interest between borrowing and lending. Banks make money by borrowing short-term money from depositors and then using these funds to make long-term loans t... Read More »