What is the record wind speed?

Answer The highest natural wind speed ever recorded on planet earth was 231 mph, observed on April 12, 1934 at Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. The record 231 mph wind gust occurred during a... Read More »

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What is the world's record for wind speed?

The world's record for wind speed is 231 miles per hour, recorded on Mount Washington in New Hampshire on April 12, 1934, during a storm. The record gust was measured by the staff at Mount Washingt... Read More »

What is the speed record for a top fuel dragster?

Doug Kalitta's speed of 333.25 miles per hour (533 km per hour), which was recorded on November 9, 2003, is the record for a top fuel dragster. The fastest quarter-mile time for a top fuel dragster... Read More »

How to Turn Up the Idle Speed on an Inboard Outboard Boat Engine?

You can turn the idle up on an inboard/outboard (I/O) engine, but it should be turned up to the recommended specifications only. Too high an idle speed will be hard on the outdrive transmission whe... Read More »

Does a dvd vcr record in high speed?

When dubbing from a DVD to a VHS tape (or vice versa) using a DVD recorder / VCR combo devise, your recording happens in real-time. You cannot do high speed dubbing. You can, however, choose a high... Read More »