What is the speed rating on a tire?

Answer That long string of letters and numbers on a tire's sidewall can be a confusing alphabet soup of specifications if you don't know what they mean. Speed ratings are one of the easier ratings to unde... Read More »

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What is a tire speed rating?

An automobile's tire speed rating is, mathematically, the fastest speed at which the tire can be driven safely. Tire speed ratings are found on the tire's sidewall, next to the size rating. Tire sp... Read More »

LT Vs. P Tire Rating?

A tire's sidewall can tell you a lot more information about its construction than you may think. The numbers found near the rim's edge tell you the tire's diameter, section width and sidewall aspec... Read More »

What Is a Tire Q Rating?

Every tire is speed rated, which means that you can safely travel at a certain speed limit without worry that your tires will fail you. Tires are assigned a letter rating representing the top speed... Read More »

What is a tire ply rating?

Ply rating is an older method to determine the load carrying capacity of truck and trailer tires. Although ply rating is not a formalized tire rating system, it can be used to describe the load cap... Read More »