What is the speed of satellite Internet?

Answer Satellite Internet is slightly slower than DSL, approximately ten times slower than cable Internet, and about ten times faster than dial-up. Download speeds for satellite start about 500 kilobits p... Read More »

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What would you rather have high speed internet or satellite tv?

Personally I'd rather have high speed internet. How many TV channels do you need anyway?

How can I get high speed internet without a landline I have DirecTV satellite service and the only thing they offer is DSL which requires a landline?

AnswerDirecTV also has the ability to bundle your television service with High-Speed Satellite Internet. Their High-Speed Satellite Internet is powered by Wildblue and requires a second satellite d... Read More »

How can i speed my internet connection free. can i get my internet speed up to 1 mbps while downloading ?

Try speedguide I have a 9 year old compaq Presario 5062 322 MHZ processor and here is the results of my speed test: I used the free tcp/ip optomizer that they offer there « Speed T... Read More »

In 2000 NASA placed a satellite in orbit around an asteroid Consider a spherical asteroid with a mass of 8.001015 and a radius of 9.50 What is the speed of a satellite orbiting 4.90 above the surface?