What is the speed of embarq dsl?

Answer Internet provider Embarq is now known as CenturyLink. CentutyLink offers several different high-speed DSL packages. The least expensive package allows for downloads of up to 768 kilobits a second a... Read More »

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How to Upgrade to High-Speed Internet With the Embarq 660 Series?

The Zyxel 660 series is a router/modem provided by CenturyLink, which merged with Embarq Internet service. If you upgrading your high-speed Internet, Embarq will send you the modem with a self-inst... Read More »

How to Set Up Embarq Email?

Embarq email was purchased by CenturyTel, but you can still access your old Embarq email on your computer by forwarding it to your Windows Mail email program. You can no longer set up new email acc... Read More »

Does Embarq offer DSL without a landline?

Embarq, which is now known as CenturyLink, does offer DSL without a landline. CenturyLink offers pure broadband service, which allows you to have high-speed Internet without a landline phone servic... Read More »

How to Check the Last Caller in Embarq?

If you have home or business telephone service through Embarq and do not have caller ID, you may occasionally miss a phone call. Luckily, you can enter a code on your phone and, for a fee, hear the... Read More »