What is the speed of a carousel?

Answer An average carousel will spin about four times in a minute. These revolutions are called the angular speed. However, some people will feel as if they are traveling faster than others. This is becau... Read More »

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Who invented the carousel?

The carousel, with its wooden horses and strong support pole, was an invention from the 17th century, according to the Carousels website. The idea dates back to the 16th century. Jousters would pra... Read More »

Who made the first carousel?

An Englishman named Frederick Savage invented the first modern carousel in 1870, using steam power. The idea for a carousel had been used in Europe since the 1600s as a practice mechanism for a Moo... Read More »

Who invented Kodak carousel?

Antonio Perez is the Chairman & CEO of Kodak

How to Paint Carousel Horses?

Highly collectible carousel horses come from carnivals of old. The most important thing you must learn about buying and selling antique carousel horses is how to paint carousel horses to maximize t... Read More »