What is the speed of AOL dial-up?

Answer All dial-up connections, including America Online, are limited to 56 kilobits per second--53k in practice because of U.S. telephone line regulations, according to HelpWithPCs. However, AOL offers "... Read More »

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What is the difference between dial-up speed and DSL speed?

The difference in speed between DSL and dial-up depends on the type of DSL connection you choose, according to Help With PCs. The slowest DSL lines offer speeds about five times faster than a 56k d... Read More »

Who's #1 on your speed dial?

on my cell phone it is voicemail because it won't let me change it but after that it is my home

What is the speed of dial up connection?

Typical dial-up Internet connections can go up to 56 KB per second, according to Federal regulations and laws only allow it to go 53 kb/s in the U.S. Those speeds can only be achiev... Read More »

How to Speed Dial With Your Blackberry?

Assigning speed dials on a Blackberry is relatively easy, given that you know what to do.