What is the speed of AOL dial-up?

Answer All dial-up connections, including America Online, are limited to 56 kilobits per second--53k in practice because of U.S. telephone line regulations, according to HelpWithPCs. However, AOL offers "... Read More »

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What is the difference between dial-up speed and DSL speed?

The difference in speed between DSL and dial-up depends on the type of DSL connection you choose, according to Help With PCs. The slowest DSL lines offer speeds about five times faster than a 56k d... Read More »

What is the speed of dial up connection?

Typical dial-up Internet connections can go up to 56 KB per second, according to Federal regulations and laws only allow it to go 53 kb/s in the U.S. Those speeds can only be achiev... Read More »

What speed is dial up internet?

Dial up Internet service providers make use of 56k modems. These modems connect to the Internet using a telephone line, and typically have download speeds hovering around 5.6 kilobytes per second, ... Read More »

What is the upload speed of dial up service?

A dial up Internet connection uses a phone line to connect to the Internet. The upload speed for a dial up Internet connection that uses a 56k modem is approximately 7 kilobytes a second.Source:Hel... Read More »