Minor going 15 over the speed limit in Texas?

Answer If you have a full unrestricted drivers license meaning its not a learners permit you will be able to take defensive driving..Then once the ticket is imputed into your cities computer system which ... Read More »

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At what point to you adjust your speed when you see a change in speed limit sign?

As you cross the sign you should be at the posted speed limit. Most of the time there is a pre-speed reduction sign a few hundred yards ahead if the actual speed lot sign. Just

Why have speed cameras on roads that look like you should be going faster than what the speed limit is?

Speed cameras I don't mind, but what I really hate is seeing some copper on the side of the pavement with a ray gun (let's call them ray guns) trying to get people in the morning rush-hour traffic.... Read More »

Can a cop detect you with a speed gun if Ur on a motorbike if Ur going over speed limit?

Yes thye can. But see Motor Cycle News website for how to get off the charge - hand-held laser guns have not been tested on motorcycles, so the evidence is not valid in law.

52 mph over the speed limit?

You asked already. No chance of keeping it. None.