What does it cost to put up a simple residential speed limit sign?

Answer The actual residential speed limit sign costs no more than a few hundred dollars, maybe less. However, the speed study to establish the the proposed speed limit is appropriate may cost much more t... Read More »

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What is the speed limit in residential districts when there is no posted sign?

When driving through an area without a posted speed limit, you are abide by the general guidelines given in the Driver Handbook for that state. Most states allow you to travel at 25 miles per hour ... Read More »

In florida the standard defined speed limit in a residential area is ___ mph?

If there is no posted speed limit sign, the default is 30mph.

At what point to you adjust your speed when you see a change in speed limit sign?

As you cross the sign you should be at the posted speed limit. Most of the time there is a pre-speed reduction sign a few hundred yards ahead if the actual speed lot sign. Just

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