How to Calculate Specific Heat?

Answer Specific heat is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram of a pure substance by 1 degree. The specific heat of a substance is dependent on both its molecular structure and its phase. A French... Read More »

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How Do I Do the Percent Error in an Atomic Weight Calculation for a Specific Heat Lab?

Learn to calculate the percent error in an atomic weight calculation to know how accurate a specific heat lab result will be. Atomic weight is the weight of a specific atom. For example, the atomic... Read More »

Should you give water to a heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

The USAFA Cadet Honor Guard adheres strictly to 36-2203. Color Guard procedures for Academy parades are traditional, but differ only slightly from the standard Air Force Drill and Ceremonies manual... Read More »

Is my Hot water heater on its last leg , it pops and burps and farts alot when it kicks on to heat the water .?

sounds to me that there is air in your lines.

What should the Delta T temperature difference be between the water inlet and the water outlet on a swimming pool heat pump?