What is the name of the cartoon on HBO Family with fat purple cat and a small yellow dog who speak spanish phrases?

Answer El Perro and El Gato (Spanish for Cat and Dog)

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Please respond the word apple if you have brown hair, cantalope if blonde, juice if red and green if purple?

my hair is black. WHAT DO I SAY?OK!!!!! bagel!!! : D

What is the spanish word for nightclub?

What does the Spanish word"cholo"mean?

The word cholo is thought to have originated in the U.S and used as a derogatory term used to describe a Chicano gang member. A stereotypical cholo wears tank tops, a hairnet and bandanna, and has ... Read More »

What does the Spanish word"colorado"mean?

"Colorado," a Spanish word meaning ruddy, red or reddish-brown, was the name chosen for Colorado as a Territory in 1861 by the U.S. Congress. "Beulah red" is the name of the extremely rare red marb... Read More »