What was the 80s or 90s kids programme called that featured a snotty like slime monster with trumpet nose or ears called?

Answer Get fresh with gilbert the alien

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What can you use to fill a 1 foot space between your pool deck and patio besides stone?

Answer I assume you mean 1' wide, indefinitely long, and not very deep.A fine, attractive sand may be possible. It would be comfortable on bare feet, easily shaped to fill the area completely, and... Read More »

What is the science fiction TV show that takes place in space the captin is called max and there is a light pink purple girl with a tail called?

Andromeda. It is awesomely campy and the purple girl changes in the later seasons (i'm not telling why or how). It is one of my favorites and i recommend it.

How do you get that space or gap between your legs?

Well, I would suggest keeping that space closed, or you'll soon be in the pregnancy section asking the YA community "Am I pregnant"

Activities on Space for Upper Primary School?

While humans have limited knowledge about space due to its infinite size and unexplored territories, students can learn about current space exploration and what we know about space through activiti... Read More »