What is the space application for a freeze dried food invention?

Answer The invention of freeze dried food for use in space flights solves many of the problems associated with bringing normal food on such a mission, including space constraints and the risk of food spoi... Read More »

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Can you freeze dried bay leaves?

Freezing dried bay leaves, either opened or unopened, is not recommended. However, bay leaves will last in your pantry for up to three years. Make sure the lid on containers holding bay leaves is s... Read More »

What is freeze-dried food?

Freeze-dried food is food that has been frozen and dehydrated. At a later point water can be added, making it return to its original state and become edible again.The ProcessThe freeze-drying proce... Read More »

What is freeze-dried coffee?

Gaining much popularity after being used during World War II, freeze-drying involves using a vacuum pump within a large freezing chamber in order to remove moisture. Freeze-dried coffee, also calle... Read More »

Are Sojos freeze-dried?

Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix is made of freeze-dried raw turkey, eggs, apples and sweet potatoes. Sojos must soak in water for 30 minutes, so that the freeze-dried ingredients become reconstituted a... Read More »