Why do so many use Wikipedia as source for their answers?

Answer wont stay like that for long as wiki have come up with a new members enter details only online encyclopedia,opens in august i think cant remember the name.In australia where i am theres a radio sho... Read More »

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Is there any open source script similar to yahoo answers?

This is really just a heavily modified bulletin board system. is a good place to get a free starter board. is the biggest open-source BBS out there, a... Read More »

Is Wikipedia A Valid Source Please Provide Evidence, No Yes or NO Answers Thank You?

I know that as far as what Cal State Los Angeles believes, it is not. You are not allowed to source wiki in your research for classes.

Why are people using Yahoo! Answers for medical advice when a doctor is a better source?

I do volunteer work for a local Health Clinic, writing up case files, and we see a lot of people who should have gone to a doctor months, or years before they visit us. It's my observation that a l... Read More »

Important. Expert Answers Needed. Please Source: What are the most common Internet scams & frauds, right now?

boy oh boy - check out for all the scam info you can stomach!