What is the source of warmth in an incubator?

Answer The source of warmth in an icubator is a light, usually a light bulb.

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What does an incubator do?

Answer It keeps conditions ideal to support life, whether it's chicken eggs or human infants. Answer The word incubation (from the Latin incubare, "to lie upon") can mean the following: * In che... Read More »

What is a baby incubator?

A baby incubator is an enclosed, well-ventilated chamber made of plastic and Plexiglas, according to Medical Discoveries. It is used to regulate the body temperature of a low birth weight or premat... Read More »

What is an incubator fund?

An incubator fund is a type of hedge fund. It is a private fund and not open to public investment. It provides a way for traders to make investments and develop a proven track record, before launch... Read More »