How to Become a Hollywood Undead Fangirl?

Answer Have you ever heard of the band Hollywoood Undead and wondered how to become a fangirl? Well, this is the article for you!

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How old do you need to be to attend a Hollywood Undead concert?

It depends on what venue their playing at. It should say it on the website if it's all ages or not. It's not a law thing, it's something set by that establishment.

Is there one Hollywood Celebrity that you refuse to watch any movies that involve them?

I have to go with Miley Cyrus, her acting is so terrible. and any Jonas Brother. Ive never seen an Angelina Jolie movie in my life. Tom Cruise in Jerry Mcguire wasn't that bad, but other than that,... Read More »

You have season 1 of Castle on DVD and at the end credits on every episode there is a song with whistling What is that song called?

Is there a certain song that, when you're driving and it comes on the radio, by the end of the song,?…