What is the song on"X Factor"called?

Answer The "X Factor" theme song is "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff. His 1937 composition also was featured in the movie "The Omen," as well as in Old Spice aftershave commercials. At the end of 2009, the classi... Read More »

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Who song the song and whats the name of the song that played on the "Young & The Restless" today?

they played this one...not sure if it's the one you want other side - keaton simons…

How to make instrumental song from normal song or delete vocals from song?

I would try Protools, or perhaps Vegas has something that would remove vocals.

Indian song: The most lovable song for lovers. Rate this song?

Yen idhayam udaithai, norungavae!?En maru idhayam, tharuvaen nee udaikavae!Ohhh... Hosannah... Hosannah.. Oh ho ho..Ohhh... Hosannah... Hosannah.. Oh ho ho..Antha neram andhi neram kan paarthu kant... Read More »

Can some one tell me what song is in the movie Matrix when Neo sleeps at the PC and he listens on head phones music What is that song?