What is the name of the song in the new iPod commerical?

Answer Chosen by Asker Feist now ? for you why its not even that great of a song?

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How do you take song from an iPod shuffle and move them to an iPod nano?

Answer You would have to put the song on itunes. then you can put it on your ipod.Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open my computer, file e: (when ipod is plugged in), go up to T... Read More »

Who sings Ipod nano song?

Answer The artist is Feist (Leslie Feist), the song is called "1 2 3 4" from the album "The Reminder".

How do you delete a single song from the IPod Nano second generation?

Answer You must connect your iPod and open up iTunes, and delete the song from there, then sync the iPod.

Who sings the song in the latest ipod nano commercial?

Answer The song in the latest iPod nano commercial is:1,2,3,4 by The Feist