Is it legal to install an electronic device to bloc cell phone in my restaurant?

Answer The FCC does not disallow you to use such a device. However, if the device blocks reception or transmission outside your restaurant, even on the sidewalk you could be charged will a violation. Ca... Read More »

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What is Soldering Flux?

Soldering flux is used to clean metals in preparation for welding or soldering. Metal begins to oxidize when it is exposed to oxygen in the air. Soldering flux removes the oxidation and prepares th... Read More »

How to Properly Flux a PS3?

Flux cored welding is a soldering process that actually already contains flux in the wire. The flux is used in the bonding process when soldering wires, such as those that are inside of the Sony Pl... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Flux Application?

Flux is a Mac OSX based design application used for creating graphics, websites, and logos. If you would like to use a different program for your designs, you can remove the Flux application from y... Read More »