What is the song called that goes along with Google goes under sea article in bbc?

Answer It's not its on bbc 1 on saturdays aswel as BBC HD.

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What is the craziest bumper sticker that you have ever seen on a car/truck/etc.?

I got a sticker from Burning Man that I put on my car saying "F#ck your f#cking f#ck. I think that's pretty crazy.

You have season 1 of Castle on DVD and at the end credits on every episode there is a song with whistling What is that song called?

Have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like you What did you think when you saw him/her?

only when i walked past the mirror.. not much .. took the mirror down lv.

Have you ever seen a Panther that was Pink?

I used to have a pink panther stuffed animal that my male neutered cat would hump. Now i can never look @ one the same.