What Taylor Swift song is most appropriate for a sexism presentation?

Answer hmmm,that tough but maybe brought up that waychangehauntedinnocentthe moment i knew

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Every time a Taylor Swift song comes on the radio do you change the station?

I do as well, I'm not a fan, she's switched to pop & I hate pop so yes.

When can you buy season 5 blu ray greys anatomy?

Yes they do. Blu-Ray players have a special technology that allows it to make the DVD image HD-compatible. But it does not display the full high def resolution. Only Blu-Ray discs display the full ... Read More »

Who do you like better Taylor Momsen or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is more talented and quite the business entrepeneur. Taylor Swift is much more classy and respectable. I like Taylor Momsen I just think she is too over the top. I think Taylor Momsen ... Read More »

Was George omally, from Greys anatomy, gay?