Watch this, it is worth it. You will laugh and it is so true. "The Mom Song"?

Answer Amen!

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What does 'ain' mean in the song you will be my ain true love by Allison krauss?

'Ain' is probably a misspelling or an an anglicisation of Aon, the word for one or only in the Irish language. Thus, it means "You will be my one true love."

Looking for the song in the commercial for true blood during the second season?

no way, mikuru is only 17, and "they" are pretty small compared to yoko, who is a lot older and..........well devoloped, hope you liked the answer............. pedophile.

Who sings the theme song to"True Blood"?

Singer/songwriter Jace Everett performs the song "Bad Things," which plays during the opening credits of the HBO television series "True Blood." The song appears on Everett's self-titled debut albu... Read More »

What is the song true friends by Hannah Montana about?

It's about a true friend because she's singing about it