What would be a GREAT song title for a song about jealousy?

Answer jealous bi*chjealousy is a disease, get well soon

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What is your opinion about smoking in public places?

If there is smoking allowed, then there should be designated non-smoking areas, and those areas should be located in such a manner that a non-smoker does not have to walk through a smoking area to ... Read More »

What is Google ...I heard at many places about it but I do not know what thing is that?

R u a ******** retard? How the hell do you not know what google is?

What was the name of the television show that had the following theme song It's about time it's about space it's about time you got out of this place?

That was Sherwood Schwartz's 1966 series It's About Time which only lasted one season. The theme song starts out: It's about time It's about space About two men in the strangest place... You ca... Read More »

How do you feel about ALL YOU CAN EAT PLACES ?

its a great place to watch the ugly and fat people eat like a heard of cattle