I already have maestro remote control lights in my house Is there a universal touch screen remote that will control your TV system Lights and Air conditioner?

Answer There are many to choose from ranging in price from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. You will have greater reliability and a better user interface with the more money you spend. Companie... Read More »

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Pioneer Remote Control Lights always stay on, help?

Try taking the batteries out, reset the remote, then put them back in to see if that works.

If you have cruise control on, and the highway has a decline to it, do the brake lights go on?

No because there is nothing applying the brakes and the light is only activated by the brakes being applied. The cruise only operates the gas. When you slow down while cruise is engaged, it's becau... Read More »

Can someone direct me to a remote control that I can use to turn on ANY electric device, such as lights?

If you're looking to control only power and dimming for lights, appliances, etc. (as opposed to your TV and DVD player), there are lots of so-called power line controllers (PLC) out there.As you gu... Read More »

Who sang the song Turn Your Party Lights On?

The song "Party Lights" was performed by Claudine Clark in 1962. The song "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was written and performed by Bob Marley & the Wailers on their 1977 album, "Exodus."References:... Read More »