What is the name of the song on Discovery Home and Health on the add for Jon and Kate plus 8 Little big people big world and 17 kids and Counting?

Answer The song used is Beautiful Life- Fisher.

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What is your favorite tom jones song?

In beyonce's song countdown the robot voice that does the counting down where can i find it?

It's the beginning of the Boyz II Men song "Uhh Ahh". You by Boyz II Men's greatest hits album. It's not robot it's sample of another song

What would be a GREAT song title for a song about jealousy?

jealous bi*chjealousy is a disease, get well soon

Can you help me answer this question about counting categorical data with Excel?

Use the countif function. For example:=Countif(A:A,"B")This will tell you how many cells in column A have the value "B". You can replace "B" with the name of the campus. Repeat this command for ... Read More »