Happy Birthday Tom Petty! What's your favorite song by him?

Answer Hey, Punch!"American Girl"…"Even The Losers"…"Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)" Read More »

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Happy Birthday, Tom Petty! What are your favorite tracks and albums by Tom Petty...?

I LOVE Tom Petty...way to many to mention :))Here Comes My Girl…American Girl… Read More »

Where can i find the song falling from the ap. game 1112 ?

i i have been wondering the same thing for luck yet?

How to Tune and Play for Free Falling?

Many people know the song "free falling" but many of us don't know how to play it. Or even tune a guitar for it for that matter.(NOTE: This version has a more of a bass sound to it, making the chor... Read More »

How to Calculate Free Falling Problems?

Newton's laws of motion dictate that mass is not a factor in an object's free-falling path. The traditional model holds that, in a vacuum, a feather will fall to the ground just as quickly as a bow... Read More »