How to Log in to the Plexus Platform?

Answer If you want to log into the Plexus Human Resources site you can do so from your Web browser at any time. You just need to know the name of your Plexus domain, your user name and your account passwo... Read More »

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Choroid Plexus Cyst & Autism?

While the cause of autism is unknown, there are many theories. One of these is the relationship between autism and choroid plexus cysts.

How do I get a free sample of plexus slim?

Heather,The free sample option is no longer available to order online. It is possbile to attend a local event to sample the product. Their is also a 60 day money back guarantee on the product its... Read More »

Peripheral Neuropathy Plexus Brachialis Treatment?

Peripheral neuropathy of the plexus brachialis is a medical condition that causes reduced sensation, limited movement and pain in the shoulder and arm. The nerves in the plexus brachialis, or brach... Read More »

When solar flares increase solar wind from the corona, what do they cause in the earth's atmosphere?

When solar flares occur -- bursts of solar energy emerging as wind -- the earth's magnetic field is affected by the solar wind. Particles in the wind interact with oxygen and nitrogen in the earth'... Read More »