What does the middle number stand for in your Social Security number?

Answer The middle two digits of the Social Security number is the group number. These two digits range from 01-99. The numbers are not assigned consecutively; states are issued odd numbers first and when ... Read More »

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What is the Social Security Number Protection Act?

Social security numbers (SSN) were first issued in 1936 for use in government Social Security programs. However, the numbers have evolved to become the main identifier of all American citizens.Hist... Read More »

What is the significance of a social security number?

Social Security, a governmental program that allows working individuals or their survivors to receive regular payments after they retire or become disabled, assigns a unique number to each particip... Read More »

What is a Social Security account number?

The Social Security Administration (SSA), a U.S. government agency, issues Social Security cards and numbers to all legal residents. The system was created in 1936 for recording the contributions o... Read More »

What is Social Security number theft?

Everyone from credit card and loan companies to schools and employers will ask you for your Social Security number. This gives others a wealth of opportunities--and incentives--to steal it.Identifi... Read More »