What is the social netwok of wikipedia?

Answer Do you mean: How do Wikipedians communicate off topic?Sometimes I see them posting on their talk pages publicly. Like this:…Also I believe they do it behi... Read More »

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Can you change the netwok on the iphone?

You need to "Jailbreak" it and use redsn0w or something like that by usin "Cydia" app (appears once phone is Jailbroken).Just search youtube videos and do research.

Is Wikipedia A Social Networking Site?

Yes, it is a social networking site, mostly for people with no life. The commenting section isn't on the bottom of each page, but instead it's a link at the top. That by itself would still not be e... Read More »

What are social networking sites that let you indulge in intellectual activity Eg: Wikipedia, Quora?

Wikipedia is a dead loss for social networking since it doesn't allow back and forth discussion. Quora is much better. Google Circles has the potential to do that. Facebook pages could, too. Really... Read More »

I want a huge list of social networking sites and please dont forward the one given on wikipedia?

Let me see. The ones that come to my mind are:MyWikiBiz.comRenren Jaiku DailyStrength MyLife Friends Reunited Athlinks Ravelry iWiW DailyBooth Vkontakte MyHeritage Foursquare aSm... Read More »