Theory of Learning in Games?

Answer Benjamin Bloom, known best for his taxonomy theory, set the groundwork for student learning theory by isolating the various types of learning. The theories of learning, according to Bloom, include ... Read More »

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Deficit Vs. Difference in Learning Theory?

The deficit vs. difference debate brings questions of nature vs. nurture into the classroom. The essence of the argument centers on how cultural differences impact learning and why some minority st... Read More »

Principles of the Interpersonal Learning Theory?

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner has strongly affected the way we understand intelligence and learning. Gardner argues that each person has specific intellectual str... Read More »

Educational Theory & the Positive Transfer of Learning?

Educators develop educational theory from observations and data in field work as a basis for good teaching and learning practices. When skills transfer from one subject to another, it is referred t... Read More »

Principles of the Constructivist Theory & Distance Learning?

With origins in philosophy and psychology, constructivism is a theory that describes how people perceive the world and actively construct knowledge based on their own understandings. In other words... Read More »