What is the smallest 4x4 ATV?

Answer The smallest four-wheel-drive ATV is made by Yamaha. It is the 2008 Raptor 50. It has a 49 cc engine that is air-cooled. This small ATV also has an adjustable throttle and is recommended for childr... Read More »

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What is the smallest toy dog breed?

Whether toy or full-sized, the chihuahua is the world's smallest breed of dog. They are known as very loyal dogs and considered to be great companions for single people and the elderly.Source:Go Pe... Read More »

What is the smallest production car?

The world's smallest production car is the Peel P50, which was originally released in the United Kingdom. The car features three wheels, a bubble top and a moped engine, which provides good gas mil... Read More »

What is the smallest sea creature?

The smallest sea creatures are zooplankton. Hundreds of sea animals fall into the zooplankton categories, including tiny shrimp-like animals, swimming worms, jellyfish and snails that fly. Zooplank... Read More »

What is the smallest apple?

The smallest apple is the toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia), which is a native shrub of California. The pomes of the toyon are smaller than a penny. They're small apples that look like berries that t... Read More »