What is the smallest plant on earth?

Answer The Wolffia globosa and Wolffia augusta, rootless plants in the duckweed family, are the two smallest species of plants on Earth, according to Info Please. It is hard to tell which is the smallest... Read More »

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What is the smallest plant seed?

The smallest plant seed is produced by a type of epiphytic (plants that do not grow in soil but, grow upon another plant) orchid in the tropical rainforest. They are only 85 micrometers long and we... Read More »

What is the smallest flowering plant?

The smallest flowering plant is Wolffia. This flowering plant is aquatic, lacks a root system and is often known as Watermeal. Wolffia is edible and contains roughly the same amount of protein as s... Read More »

What was the first plant on Earth?

The oldest plant form on the Earth is algae. Larger plant forms evolved from green algae. They still share common characteristics, such as a cellulose cell wall and the process of photosynthesis.Re... Read More »

What is the rarest plant on earth?

Encephalartos woodii is generally considered the rarest plant on Earth. It is a type of tree with long, dark leaves. Only one plant was ever found in the wild, and it was a male so it could not sex... Read More »