What is the smallest gauge eyebrow ring I can get?

Answer The standard gauge for an eyebrow ring is usually a 16 gauge or 18 gauge and most eyebrow jewelry available is one of these two sizes. There has been a recent trend toward using a 14 gauge; however... Read More »

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Does an 8-32 thread gauge go into an 8-32 ring gauge?

No, the gauge of a ring usually refers to the interior diameter (ID) of a ring. Therefore the thread and the inside of the ring would be the same size.References:Blue Buddha Boutique: Inner Diameter

Question about eyebrow ring?

Your link doesn't work, and perhaps some more information?How old is the piercing?anything less than 3 weeks, leave it alone. But if you're keeping the bar in, and just changing the balls, there sh... Read More »

How to Change an Eyebrow Ring?

Pierced eyebrows have become a relatively common sight. As with other facial piercings, the skin in the eyebrow area can be very sensitive. For this reason, it is not suggested that you change your... Read More »

A nose ring and an eyebrow piercing?

You should do your right eyebrow rather than left one