What is the smallest sea creature?

Answer The smallest sea creatures are zooplankton. Hundreds of sea animals fall into the zooplankton categories, including tiny shrimp-like animals, swimming worms, jellyfish and snails that fly. Zooplank... Read More »

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What is the smallest plant on earth?

The Wolffia globosa and Wolffia augusta, rootless plants in the duckweed family, are the two smallest species of plants on Earth, according to Info Please. It is hard to tell which is the smallest... Read More »

One creature feeds on other creature in the forests so why should i practice vegetarianism?

Last year I saw a Swamiji preaching vegetarianism while he himself was seated on a 'deer' skin my dissappointment prompted me to write this blog below on ethical non-vegetarianismMany beliefs aroun... Read More »

What is the fastest sea creature?

The world's fastest sea creature, clocked at 68 miles per hour, is the Indo-Pacific sailfish. Its great speed makes it able to hunt other fast fish, such as tuna and mackerel. Little in known about... Read More »

What creature is sandy?

Sandy is a squirrel who is good friends with spongebob who lives in a tree dome