What is the slowest marine fish?

Answer The seahorse is the slowest of all marine fish. It only goes 0.01 miles per hour. The seahorse is a vertebrate fish, and there are about 35 different species of them.References:GK Pet: Fun Animal F... Read More »

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What is the slowest wind speed in a hurricane?

The slowest wind speed in a hurricane is 75 miles per hour. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) categorizes a hurricane as producing sustained winds in excess of 64 knots (74... Read More »

What country had the slowest population growth in 2007?

Montenegro was the country with the least population growth in 2007, declining by one percent. The slowest growing country, with the smallest positive growth, was Norfolk Island, a territory of Aus... Read More »

Modern Apizza in New Haven, what time is slowest on a Sat Night?

What Time of the Day Does Your Hair Grow the Slowest?

The way a person's hair grows is unique to that individual, but there are certain factors that can affect the rate it grows. Does this Spark an idea?