What is the slasher reading test?

Answer A "slasher" reading test refers to the method by which students mark their responses. There are two tests, both of which measure fluency, or speed: The Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency (TOSWRF) ... Read More »

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How Can I Prepare for the Reading Test for the Citizenship Test?

The reading test is one of three tests that you must pass to prove your ability to communicate in English before being granted citizenship. The other two tests are the writing test and the civics t... Read More »

What do state reading test specifications specify?

Federal law (NCLB) mandates that every state is required to test students' basic skills. The University of Minnesota publication, Para, points out that "each state is responsible for selecting what... Read More »

What does a high carbon dioxide reading on a blood test indicate?

A high carbon dioxide reading on a blood test can indicate low potassium levels in the blood or lung diseases such as pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Accompanying symptoms can ... Read More »

What Authentic Test Materials & Methods for Reading Assessments Are There for ESOL Learners?

Authentic assessment--evaluating students' ability in real-world contexts--is a key term in the current methods and materials that ESOL teachers develop when looking at student progress. The wealt... Read More »