How much would a henna tattoo of a star on each elbow cost Can they even do a star on your elbow?

Answer I'd probably charge you £40 - £50 ($40-$60) for that, because its such a pain to do! You would have to keep your arms completely still for as long as the henna takes to dry which could be up to a... Read More »

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What is the skin called that peels off your body when you get sunburned?

When you are sunburned so badly that you peel, the layer of skin that comes off is the dermis. This is a second-degree burn because the first layer has been burned through to the second layer. Blis... Read More »

What is reddish with brown spots in middle circle rash on baby's elbow inner elbow buttocks and leg?

What did your pediatrician/dermatologist say? If you baby has an undetermined rash you need to have it evaluated!

How to Remove Elbow Stains on Skin Naturally?

Dark elbow stains are caused by hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Often, these stains are accompanied by rough calluses on the elbows. Excessive exposure to the sun can make these stains appear even ... Read More »

My 3 and a half year old has a birthmark on his elbow It has recently begun swelling beneath the skin It doesn't appear to hurt him or bother him What the heck is going on I am really scared?