What is the size of the star Capella?

Answer Capella has four parts: Two large stars (Aa and Ab) and two faint red dwarf stars. The combined mass of the two larger stars is 5.25 in solar mass and 21.4 in solar diameter.Source:Space: The 10 Bi... Read More »

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What is the approximate size of a neutron star?

Neutron stars are small but dense. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center states that they are usually about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) across--yet they contain more mass than the Sun.References:NASA G... Read More »

What is the meaning of Capella?

Capella is the sixth brightest star in the nighttime sky. It is located 42.2 light years away from the Earth.NameThe name Capella is derived from the Latin word capra which means female goat.Star S... Read More »

What color is capella?

Capella is described as a cool golden yellow color. It is often likened to the colors of the stars in the sky. Look to the sky, find the brightest star, and you have found a capella.Source:Clark Fo... Read More »

What is a capella in musical terms?

In musical terms, "a cappella" is an Italian term that means singing without any instrumental accompaniment. Singers in an a cappella musical group may use their voices to imitate instruments.Refer... Read More »