What is the size of the star Capella?

Answer Capella has four parts: Two large stars (Aa and Ab) and two faint red dwarf stars. The combined mass of the two larger stars is 5.25 in solar mass and 21.4 in solar diameter.Source:Space: The 10 Bi... Read More »

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What is the approximate size of a neutron star?

Neutron stars are small but dense. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center states that they are usually about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) across--yet they contain more mass than the Sun.References:NASA G... Read More »

Which constellation is Capella in?

The star Capella is part of the Auriga constellation. Its name means "she-goat," and it is the night sky's sixth brightest star. Auriga, "the charioteer," lies between Perseus and Gemini.Source:Enc... Read More »

Where is Capella located?

Capella University is a part of the Capella Education Company. The corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Students complete their degrees online, and do not attend classes on... Read More »

What color is capella?

Capella is described as a cool golden yellow color. It is often likened to the colors of the stars in the sky. Look to the sky, find the brightest star, and you have found a capella.Source:Clark Fo... Read More »