What is the size of the paper that goes over a wedding invitation?

Answer The size of the paper that goes over a wedding invitation should be the same size as or slightly smaller than the invitation. There are no standard sizes for the paper. The paper is called tissue ... Read More »

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What size chandelier goes over a tub?

On One Hand: Add Length and Width to Your BathroomThe general rule for sizing of chandeliers in any room other than the dining room is to add the width and length of the room and convert the feet t... Read More »

My printer says that my paper size is wrong (how do I change my paper size on my PC.)?

This issue can occur if you alter the regional settings in the Regional Settings tool in Control Panel, and then add a printer. When you add a printer, it is configured to use a default paper size ... Read More »

What is the name for the cover that goes over the arm of a chair?

The protective fabric that is designed to be placed over the arm of a chair or a sofa is known, in the industry, as an arm cover protector. Sometimes, it's more simply referred to as an arm protec... Read More »

Squeezing left arm pain that comes and goes for over two years?

It's possible, but as you have had this pain for over two years and you are still alive, you're obviously not too concerned about it being a heart attack.