What is the size of the luxury or premium car market in India?

Answer According to Techno Ezine, BMW India President Peter Kronschnabi expects the luxury car market in India to reach 10,000 sales in 2010. Popular luxury cars in India include the Mercedes-Benz E-Class... Read More »

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What Is Market Risk Premium?

When it comes to investing, you can choose levels of risk. The market risk premium measures the level of return expected when making investments that are considered more risky than the safest inves... Read More »

How to Estimate the Market Risk Premium?

There are two sides to most any investment: risk and return. In general, the more risk one is willing to take, the higher the potential for profit (or loss). One way investors measure investment re... Read More »

Define a Market Risk Premium?

Risk premium is the added compensation an investor receives for placing his money at risk of loss. The greater the risk of an investment, the greater the risk premium the investor receives. It is ... Read More »

What determines the size of the risk premium?

The risk premium is the amount of excess return that investors demand in order to accept the risk of investing in non-guaranteed securities. A number of economic and psychological factors can affec... Read More »