What is the size of the Rosetta Stone?

Answer According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Rosetta Stone measures almost four feet high, 2.5 feet wide and a foot deep. The French found the stone in 1799, but it was captured by the Br... Read More »

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What is the Rosetta Stone in the UK?

Discovered more than 200 years ago, the Rosetta Stone unlocked a language that had been lost for 1,400 years.Discovered in EgyptDuring Napoleon Bonaparte's expedition into Egypt, a French army engi... Read More »

What is rosetta stone explorer?

Rosetta Stone Explorer is a language-learning computer program created by Rosetta Stone Ltd. It is an introductory program, comprising only a small part of the complete Rosetta Stone language serie... Read More »

What does the rosetta stone say?

The Rosetta Stone is a royal decree from Ptolemy V that reveals taxes and gives instructions on erecting temple statues. It is written in classical Greek and two Egyptian scripts: hieroglyphic and ... Read More »

What is rosetta stone for language?

Learning a new language is a difficult undertaking. It takes time, concentration, dedication, and a patient and diligent teacher. Rosetta Stone is a computer program that has the goal of making lan... Read More »