What is the size of asbestos tiles?

Answer The standard size for early asbestos tiles was 9 inches by 9 inches. Later tiles also came in a larger 12-by-12 size. Size alone is not an indication of the presence of asbestos. The definitive way... Read More »

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What are asbestos tiles made of?

Depending on the age of the floor, asbestos tiles may contain asphalt, polyvinyl chloride, plastic and true vinyl. Mixed with these materials will be varying amounts of asbestos fibers. The fibers ... Read More »

What Type of Ceiling Tiles Contain Asbestos? states that T-Bar ceiling tiles used in "suspended" or "drop" ceilings, also known as “acoustic” ceilings made before 1980 may contain at least one percent asbestos fibers. To ens... Read More »

What should asbestos tiles be covered with?

On One Hand: Seal a Potential ProblemAsbestos tile is only dangerous if broken, so the tactic of asbestos encapsulation is effective in covering good tile. Seal the space with an air-proof barrier ... Read More »

What year did they make asbestos floor tiles?

Floor tiles containing asbestos were made every year, and current rules still permit the use of asbestos in vinyl floor tiles. In 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of asbest... Read More »