What is the size of a yard of fabric?

Answer A yard is 36 inches long. Fabric comes in various widths, the most common being 44 inches and 54 inches. Therefore, a yard of fabric is usually 36 inches by 45 inches (3 feet by 3.75 feet) or 36 in... Read More »

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What size is one yard of fabric?

One yard of fabric measures 36 inches in length. The width of a one-yard piece varies based upon the size of the bolt, or roll of material, from which the fabric was cut. Based upon standard bolt ... Read More »

What is the measurement of a fabric yard?

A fabric yard measures 36 inches long off of the bolt. Fabric width varies by bolt, but the modern quilting cottons range from 42 to 44 inches, depending on the fabric's type.References:Love to Sew... Read More »

What is the length&width of a yard of fabric?

A yard of fabric is typically 36 inches, 45 inches, or 60 inches wide. The fabric width is usually printed on the end of the bolt from which it is cut . By virtue of its name, a "yard" is 36 inches... Read More »

What type of fabric are yard inflatables made of?

Cold air and hot air yard inflatables are generally both made of a vinyl coated nylon fabric. The material can vary in thickness, from 7 to 18 ounce per square yard.Source:Inflatable Marketplace: ... Read More »