What is the size of a single-car garage?

Answer Single-car garages typically measure approximately 18 feet in width and 24-26 feet in length. The measurements are broken down into two 4-foot walls, one on either side of a 10-foot-wide garage doo... Read More »

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What are the dimensions of a single-car garage?

It is recommended that a single-car garage be at least 12-feet wide and 22-feet deep. That is considered the minimum, as cars vary in size and people generally find use for any extra space.Source:P... Read More »

What is the typical width for a single car garage door?

Standard single car garage doors vary in width from 8 to 10 feet across. Most garage door manufacturers also will make custom widths. The standard height for single garage doors is 7 feet.Source:Ho... Read More »

What is the size of a garage?

A typical economy version one-car garage is 12 feet wide by 22 feet deep with an 8- to 12-foot wall height. A two-car garage measures 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Local zoning ordinances may enfor... Read More »

What is the size of a 2-car garage?

Two-car garages vary in size depending on what else is going to be stored in the garage and how much space around the cars is wanted. They are typically 20 feet deep and 18 to 24 feet wide.Source:... Read More »