What is the size of a pacemaker?

Answer A pacemaker is a very small electronic device, generally just a little bit bigger than a quarter coin. The size of the device does vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.Source:High Beam Resea... Read More »

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What is the job of the natural pacemaker?

The natural pacemaker is an essential part of the blood circulatory system and acts to regulate the heart. Individuals can develop problems over time with the natural pacemaker, which causes the he... Read More »

What precisely is a pacemaker?

Pacemakers are artificial devices that are often used in patients who have problems with their heart functions. The devices are important because they help people to have a regular heartbeat.Functi... Read More »

What is a biventricular pacemaker?

A biventricular pacemaker helps regulate the heartbeat in patients with heart failure. It is part of a treatment called cardiac resynchronization therapy. This type of pacemaker helps the heart wor... Read More »

What is an artificial pacemaker?

Artificial pacemakers are devices implanted into a person's chest to regulate heartbeat. Pacemakers are used when a person's heart is unable to keep a safe rhythm, usually when the heart's natural... Read More »