What is the size of a normal CD case?

Answer A typical plastic CD case is 5.59 inches in length x 4.92 inches in width x 0.39 inches in depth. This gives the CD case a volume of 10.72 cubic inches, a size which has been used since the year 19... Read More »

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What is the size of a dvd case?

A standard DVD case is 5 1/4-inches wide by 7 1/2-inches high by 9/16-inches thick. Each case can hold one DVD. The standard color of the outside cover is clear and the inside is black.Source:Copys... Read More »

What is the size of a CD case?

Since the release of the compact disc to the mass audience in 1982, the most traditional form of packaging has been the "jewel case." This lightweight, plastic case measures 142 mm long, 125 mm tal... Read More »

What is the average size of a DVD case?

The average size of a standard DVD case is 190 by 135 by 14 mm. This size case is designed to hold one DVD. The dimensions of DVD cases may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.References:Su... Read More »

What is the size of a CD jewel case?

Jewel cases are the cases that contain compact discs. A standard jewel case is 125 millimeters high by 142 millimeters long by 10 millimeters thick (4.92 inches long by 5.59 inches high by 0.39 inc... Read More »