What is the size of a cultivated plot that would feed a family of 4?

Answer It depends on plants, soil, and weather. But 8 square meters is one answer.

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I am having a hard time feeding my family of 5. Is there a dish that is inexpensive that would feed them?

You can put any kind of meat in there plus potatoes. Chicken is always the cheapest. Get a pressure cooker...they cook in minutes, and it'll fall off the bone. Pasta and rice is always cheep. Do t... Read More »

How much cultivated farm land is needed to feed someone indefinitely?

You cannot do a sustainable farm that is vegan. Simply cannot be done.Nature works in complete systems. Did you know it is the salmon that fertilize all the evergree forests in the Pacific Northw... Read More »

Vegetarians, what is your favorite dish that you would feed to someone who isn't a vegetarian for dinner?

There's a lot more to vegetarianism than Eggplant Parmesan - I know it's hard to get out of those obvious ruts when first becoming vegetarian. Kudos on making the choice to learn more and to becom... Read More »

The controversial OPV hypothesis says that HIV was transmitted to humans from chimps after Africans took an oral vaccine that had been cultivated in chimp kidneys What was this vaccine for?