What is the size of a cultivated plot that would feed a family of 4?

Answer It depends on plants, soil, and weather. But 8 square meters is one answer.

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How much cultivated farm land is needed to feed someone indefinitely?

You cannot do a sustainable farm that is vegan. Simply cannot be done.Nature works in complete systems. Did you know it is the salmon that fertilize all the evergree forests in the Pacific Northw... Read More »

What is the size in feet of a Garden Plot 4 x 5 metres?

About a 13 ft x 16 ft plot ORAbout a 215 square ft plotYou can either use a conversion factor and calculate it by hand... or Google made it simple (Just type in "conversion meters to feet" in ... Read More »

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They use to be the Carol Lee Cooper singers. I don't know who they are now, but one of the ladies, brunet, looks like my cousin Kelly Bruce

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