What is the size of Printer Running paper?

Answer Your question is not clear as to what do you want to ask...All the printers used with computers can print on all the standard sizes of papers... you need to feed the size of paper in settings befor... Read More »

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My printer says that my paper size is wrong (how do I change my paper size on my PC.)?

This issue can occur if you alter the regional settings in the Regional Settings tool in Control Panel, and then add a printer. When you add a printer, it is configured to use a default paper size ... Read More »

What size is printer paper?

Letter-size printer paper, the most common size, is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. Legal-size paper is 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches. Letter-size paper is also known as A-size paper, and legal size paper i... Read More »

What size is normal printer paper?

How do i change the paper size on an hp printer?

Load the paper you wish to use into the printer's paper tray, making sure the paper is all the same size. Adjust the paper guides so they are against the paper's margins but are not causing the pap... Read More »